Ecommerce Marketing Strategies – How to Create Your Own Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce, short for electronic commerce, is the art of selling products by building and increasing awareness about the product offerings of an online store. An internet-based marketplace is an active place, constantly growing in popularity, where many people from around the world can come together to buy, sell, and share items. Ecommerce promotion is an excellent way for online businesses and stores to tap into this ever-growing potential, making advertisements which guide consumers straight to an ecommerce site.

It is not just about products and services though. Ecommerce promotion involves various strategies which aim at reaching the largest possible number of potential customers. Digital marketing in particular is one of these tools used by most successful ecommerce sites. Digital marketing channels include search engine optimization, email marketing, viral marketing, banner advertisement, social media marketing, display advertising, donations, and promotions.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves optimizing a website for better exposure in search engines like Google. This helps improve its page rank, which directly have an effect on its visitor traffic, and therefore its conversion rate. SEO can involve various techniques including, Pay per Click, paid inclusion, and contextual advertising. Email marketing, on the other hand, involves sending customer responses directly to their email accounts, which improves their browsing experience. This leads to more sales conversions as well as increased customer loyalty.

Viral marketing involves spreading the news about a new product, service, or affiliate program via various social media channels. Inbound links can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and the likes. Content marketing allows online merchants to post articles, blogs, and press releases that relay information about their products and services. Social media marketing includes posting links to popular social media channels on ecommerce business digital marketing campaigns.

Inbound and digital Instagram marketing allow customers to share photos of their products with friends. Digital marketing with Instagram is similar to PPC marketing, as users can “like” or comment on photos posted by their friends. This provides a venue for brands to engage their customers in real-time, providing an unparalleled opportunity for building brand awareness. YouTube is another highly-visible channel, which allows users to upload videos of themselves, along with brief promotional notes. Viral videos are another way to attract attention.

Promotions are a great way to spread the word about a new website, product, or service. Promotions can be divided into various categories, such as email promotion, classified ads, online stores, website promotion, and social media promotion. A variety of Ecommerce tools are available to help maximize promotion across all of these channels. Social media marketing includes blog posts, Facebook promotion, twitter promotions, Instagram promotions, and YouTube promotions.

Once you have created your ecommerce store, it’s time to turn to the most effective marketing strategies. Your marketing strategy should include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media promotion. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps make sure your website appears in search results, and is one of the best ways to improve traffic. PPC marketing helps make sure that ads are well-spaced and that they are targeted toward your ideal customers. Social media promotion includes the use of websites like Facebook and Twitter to generate traffic to your site. Make sure that all of your marketing strategies work together to increase your site traffic and profits.

The success of your ecommerce marketing plan depends largely on the strategies that you integrate. It’s important to work with a marketing agency that has experience in creating effective ecommerce websites and marketing campaigns. Look for agencies that offer services that include SEO, PPC, social media promotion, and mobile marketing. Effective marketing agencies will be able to give you the best advice for creating a profitable website that attracts buyers and sellers together.